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Immersive all-inclusive healing & educational retreat for women



Activate the healing potential and medicine women within.
Plant the seeds of your dreams.

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June 20th - 23rd, 2024
New England (location TBD)

Dreamseed Retreat

Welcome to Dreamseed, a special container for healing, dreaming, connecting with oneself and others.

During these four days, we will open the doors to the ancient feminine healing wisdom, following our ancestry footprints to remember our origin.


Together we will enter the kingdom of Herbs and Herbal medicines to bring back the original womb-memories and awaken the deeply embedded knowledge. 

Program includes: 

  • Women circles  

  • Yoga & creative movement practices 

  • Meditations and nature walks

  • Intro to Herbalism workshop 

  • Womb steam healing ritual

  • Astrology 

  • Ancestral healing, constellation work

  • Tribal Fire circles with drumming and singing 

  • Nutritional and cleansing diet 


Who is this retreat for?

Dreamseed Women's Retreat is highly valuable for those who: 

  • choose to move on their spiritual path but don’t know where to start or how to navigate it better

  • seek to realign or connect to their inner self

  • want to learn about herbal wisdom and remedies

  • want to connect with the ancestry 

  • release trapped energy in the body

  • need to recharge feminine energy in a safe and nourishing environment

  • intend to know more about the ways to support your well-being with botanicals and natural remedies

  • would like to meet like-minded people

  • want powerful support in achieving goals

If it is what you are looking for, please schedule a call with us to register or ask us any questions!


Dreamseed can present many gifts to you.

Some of them are: 

✨  Methods to manage stress in efficient way
✨  Learning to express oneself openly in a safe space

✨  New tools of listening to your inner voice

✨  Somatic release of trapped energy

✨  Healthy diet and daily routines with yoga exercises and dancing
✨  Ways to work with plants and use them as natural remedies
✨  Overview of personal astrological landscape to manage planetary influence

✨  Relaxing and fulfilling 4 days in warm and beautiful nature
✨  Support group and follow-ups with Olga and Volga

Lauren Stern.jpg

Lauren Stern

I attended one Dreamseed weekend in August and another one over the December solstice and each one cracked me open.


Volga Bo and Olga Privina’s sacred offering – a space crafted, decorated. Held and nourished by women layering traditions and transporting us to the primal experiences of womanhood – has bourn magical fruit blossoming across the board in my life.


 “I am my ancestors’ wildest dreams. Not because their liberation would have looked like mine but because I AM liberated, living my dreams, and teaching my daughter the same” Thank you, sisters! 

Sasha Divitkina 2.jpg

Sasha Divitkina

It took me a while to get to write this as life speeded up for me incredibly after the retreat!


 First of all, I want to say that my cat, who was scheduled to see the cardiologist in a few days after the retreat for potential heart problems, turned out to be completely healthy, and it was the best doctor’s visit ever. 

Second, I have already planned and executed my first InFlow dance event in LA, which turned out completely fabulous and brought people so much joy as well as more connections and potential collaborations for me in future. But the most incredible thing is how I feel throughout doing all of this – confident, powerful, and balanced. 


Another interesting thing that wasn’t my intention but came along as a package  - men are trying to get my number everywhere  - at the traffic jams, at the airports, parking lots, and even knocking on my apartment door (!) Definitely some serious female work has been done at the retreat.


Muchas gracias amigas

FotoJet Beatriz.jpg

Beatriz Yepes

Hello Dear Sisters, 


It is wonderful how the universe moves its strings to bring together people from different parts of the world; special people that we would have not had a chance to meet otherwise.

Thanks, for sharing your stories with me, they become now part of my story and I will always remember you with love. 

Olga and Volga, you are amazing teachers. Thanks for bringing together different cultures to teach us that we are ONE.


I am very thankful to belong to your Dreamseed family and very lucky to be able to learn from you

Dreamseed participant reviews:


Experience Dreamseed firsthand. Schedule a call with us to register for this retreat.

Meet the team

Olya Priv.jpg

Olga Privina

As a holistic practitioner and member of the American Guild of Herbalists, Olga provides professional life-enhancing services. Using herbal remedies and meditative practices, she creates custom herbal formulations to address a variety of health issues and increase stress resilience. 

For years Olga has studied herbal medicine, hypnosis, and other alternative methods of healing to find an optimal mind/body balance. Her passion and her greatest reward lie in helping others. She is inspired to guide people to become healthier: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Olga is a certified clinical herbalist, consulting hypnotist, and community health worker with a diploma in Public Health & Preventive Medicine. With her comprehensive knowledge and strong intuition, Olga is a great asset on your path of healing.

Volga Bo.jpg

Volga Bo

Kundalini yoga teacher, ritualist(a), song-writer, spirit embodiment guide and performer, Volga Bo has been on a lifelong journey to enliven the forgotten wisdom and ancient rituals and broadcast it into today’s modern ways.


She began facilitating monthly New Moon Women's Circles in 2009. In 2010 she started leading movements and yogic practices. As the New Moon Circle and SoulDance community continues to grow and flourish over the years, Volga facilitates ritual work for individuals and groups, such as wedding ceremonies, bridal showers, opening and closing ceremonies at festivals, retreats and single-day events.


Most of her work includes engaging the audience in authentic and open creativity, centering yogic practice, dance, music, and singing. Volga's work is a rich fusion of ancient traditions, healthy body-mind-spirit practices, and a spicy multi-colored passion for life celebration!


New England area 3-day all-inclusive retreat price:

  • Early bird price - $1100 until April 30th

  • Regular price- $1350

  • $350 deposit required upon registration

  • Registration ends June 15th, 2024


For those with lack of funds - payment plan is available.
Space is limited to 12 participants.


The retreat price includes: 

  • Fresh and nutritious meals and snacks

  • Shared room in a comfortable spacious house in serene countryside

  • Daily yoga, dance and movement activities

  • Introduction to Herbs and other workshops

  • Steam Healing Ritual  

  • All other program activities included


Airfare and transportation to the retreat location are not included. 


We give $100 referral bonus for bringing a friend. 

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To register, find more information about the payment plan, or ask any questions, please leave your contact information in this form and we will call you back in the next 48 hours. 

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